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Prenuptial agreements have lost their taboo among millennials

In past generations, South Carolina residents were more likely to enter into marriage with concrete assets, like homes and property. It would seem that millennials are less interested in concrete assets and more interested in investing in the stock market. This shift in financial focus as well as a change in certain beliefs pertaining to marriage and divorce may be contributing factors to what one study showed as a 62% increase in clients asking their lawyers for prenuptial agreements. It seems that this increase is driven by millennials.

Research show women file for divorce much more often than men

It might come as a surprise to couples in South Carolina that women file for divorce in rates much higher than men. In some studies, the rate of women filing for divorce is 80 percent while in others, it is slightly lower, at 69 percent. With the divorce rate at around 50%, it might be important to consider the different reasons why women might choose to file for divorce.

How student loan may be divided in a divorce

A person who is considering divorce and whose spouse has student loan debt may be concerned about whether that student loan debt will be divided in a divorce. Most of the time, a person is responsible for the debts brought into the marriage, including student loan debt. However, if the debt is incurred after the marriage, a spouse could be responsible for a portion of it. In South Carolina, an equitable property state, several factors could influence a judge's decision about how to divide this debt.

Co-parenting mistakes some divorced couples make with teens

Parenting teenagers is sometimes difficult for South Carolina parents because adolescence brings with it physical and hormonal changes that could affect mood and behavior. Adding a divorce to this mix has the potential to make things even more volatile if parents no longer living together don't make an effort to avoid co-parenting mistakes.

Handling a high-asset divorce

The divorce of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos was a headline-grabbing event throughout South Carolina and around the nation. There were a number of salacious details that made their way onto the news, which added to the intrigue surrounding this divorce. However, the primary reason why this divorce garnered so much attention is because of the unbelievable wealth of Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos.

Deciding what to do with a joint mortgage after divorce

For a couple in South Carolina going through the divorce process, one of the biggest challenges they may face is determining what they will do with the family home. It is likely that, along with their pension and maybe some larger investments, the family home is the largest asset they have. In many divorces, one spouse is given control over the family home. Then, they have to decide what they're going to do with this asset.

About gray divorces

Married older adults in South Carolina may be interested in learning that while the overall divorce rate for the United States has fallen, the rate of divorce for people over 50, or gray divorce, has continuously risen. There are several reasons why older adults may decide to get a divorce later in life. The causes can be found in the analysis of the certain aspects of life that can impact long-term marriages.

Prenups and remarrying

South Carolina residents who got married for the first time during their 20s or 30s may not have been very concerned about completing a prenuptial agreement, as they may not yet have had significant assets. However, for people who are in their 50s or 60s and are getting married for the second time, completing a prenup is almost essential.

How a judge determines the best interests of the child

If parents in South Carolina who are getting a divorce cannot reach an agreement regarding child custody, they may have to go to court. A judge makes a child custody decision using the standard of the best interests of the child, but many people may wonder what factors are important in this determination.

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