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Let Us Answer Your Divorce Questions

Divorce is a trying time. You are stressed and already trying to balance your legal needs with your emotional and personal needs. Attorney Paul Bradley has the answers to many common divorce questions:

How Long Does Divorce Take?

In some cases, a divorce in South Carolina can take as little as 90 days, but could take much longer. The time your divorce takes will be entirely dependent on your individual circumstances. Call Bradley Law Firm, LLC, at 843-571-4611 to learn more.

What Is Fault And How Does It Change What I Will Get?

Fault is how much responsibility a party bears during your divorce. Many people think that if your spouse cheated or otherwise participated in misconduct, you are likely to get more in a divorce. This is often not true. While fault may have an impact on asset division, many factors can influence how much and what you take after a divorce.

Am I Responsible For My Spouse’s Debt?

Debt, alimony and asset division are all decided by the court on their own. The court considers many things when it divides debt. When the debt was acquired, who took out the loans and your income level all factor into the court’s calculations.

How Does The Court Decide On Custody?

For most parents, evenly split custody is a sufficient child custody arrangement. It is also extremely common to divide physical custody based on parents’ work schedules. This may mean that over the course of a two-week period, you have three to six nights of visitation. Courts will try to work with your family to find the best arrangement for your child.

Schedule A Consultation

Every divorce case is different. You deserve a lawyer who will help you create individualized solutions. We will start solving your family law issues at your first meeting.

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