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Your Child Custody And Visitation Rights

When you walk into the courtroom or negotiating room, everyone there wants your child to be in the best situation possible. This involves providing your child with appropriate and safe time with each parent when possible.

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Many people are intimidated by the custody agreement process, especially during a divorce or child support argument. This is a completely valid feeling. Your time with your child is important. That is why your parenting time discussions should always include a lawyer who understands your family’s values and cares about your legal outcomes.

Modifying And Updating Custody And Visitation Agreements

Our lives are always changing. We change jobs and homes. Our children grow and acquire new hobbies. As you and your life change, you are going to need to adjust. Your child custody and visitation agreements are no different.

An experienced attorney can help you negotiate with your co-parent when your custody or visitation agreement needs an update.

What Are My Rights If I Was Never Married To My Child’s Other Parent?

If you are a father, you need to establish paternity to have the same parenting rights as the mother. Gaining paternity means a judge will give you equal consideration when determining custody and visitation rights. The paternity process can usually be completed quickly, and our team is here to help.

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