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Do You Need To Contest Your Loved One’s Will Or Trust?

Your loved one has passed away, and you have many things to do. Organizing a wake and funeral, comforting your loved ones and giving yourself time to mourn should be your priorities.

Unfortunately, even if your loved one had a plan in place for their possessions, that does not mean that plan is actionable or up to date. Many of our loved ones, especially those who have outlived many family members, have wills or trusts that incorporate those no longer living. Even worse, many of our elderly are taken advantage of and their estate plans reflect that.

What Can A Lawyer Do To Contest A Will?

You may suspect that a loved one’s will is invalid. You are not an expert at legal claims, and that is OK. When you work with Bradley Law Firm, LLC, when contesting a will, you can trust that we will:

  • Evaluate your loved one’s estate plan
  • Determine if that plan is being followed appropriately
  • Create legal arguments for court
  • Articulate your arguments in court or in negotiation
  • Get the most out of your legal suit

Hiring an attorney who can do these things is the best way to ensure that your case is successful. Whether the best outcome is in negotiations or in court, a South Carolina attorney brings specific skills and knowledge that will benefit your case.

We Will Treat Your Case With Integrity

Based in Charleston, attorney Paul Bradley’s first priority in his practice is our community. At our firm, we focus on you and your needs. Our values are your values.

To schedule your first appointment, you can call our office at 843-571-4611 or reach out to us online.