Expect a rise in divorce cases come January

Divorce cases will soon soar all over the United States. It’s not because of anything that’s happening in the country right now, per se, but just because this is the pattern that we see every year. After Christmas and the New Year holiday, people start filing for divorce at a far higher rate than they were in December and through much of the year. 

In fact, January is often called “Divorce Month” and that first Monday that everyone goes back to work after the New Year’s holiday is when the spike really starts. Why is this?

Nobody likes to start a divorce during Christmas

First and foremost, people actively try to avoid getting a divorce at Christmas — especially when they have children. They do not want to get divorced over the holidays, even when they are convinced that they want to get divorced in the long run. They’re willing to put it off by a month so that they can preserve the holiday spirit for their kids and extended family members. 

New years remind people that they want a new start

The new year is also, for many people, the time when they dedicate themselves to a fresh start. They want to become a new and better version of themselves. They make resolutions to lose weight or to quit smoking. Some also decide to go ahead and get that divorce that they’d been mulling for the last 12 months. It just feels like it is the right time to start over. 

What are your options for a divorce?

Have you decided that you want to get divorced, or do you think your spouse will file for divorce? You need to know what rights and options you have