How to best manage joint custody

South Carolina parents struggle enough when it comes to getting their own lives in order after a divorce. Having to co-parent with the person they just divorced in a joint custody arrangement is even more challenging. Here are some tips for how to make it work.

Keeping the children front and center is always the best strategy. The court will judge every action by the best interests of the children standard, and that is exactly what parents should do too. The first way to consider the children and their needs is through the custody schedule. The standard one week with each parent schedule may not actually be what is best for them. If the kids are old enough, parents should give them a voice in the arrangements. At the same time, parents need to be conscious of overpromising time that they do not have when setting the schedule.

Parents must also communicate respectfully and transparently with a joint custody arrangement since they will need to work together. They should look past the conflict that caused the divorce and reset the relationship as co-parents. If they just cannot communicate well, there are numerous programs that can foster better communication between the parents. Finally, each parent needs to maintain an open mind because the custody agreement may need to be reevaluated and changed every so often depending on the circumstances.

Hiring a custody attorney is an important step to take to begin the joint custody arrangement the right way. The attorney could make suggestions about the best way to structure a parenting plan that could work for both the children and parents. It is vital to resolve a divorce amicably because litigation will have negative long-term effects on the children. The kids need to know that their parents are able to work together.