Why some parents divorce when children leave home

When their children grow up and leave home, spouses may anticipate having time to get back to doing the activities they enjoyed before becoming parents. However, they may be surprised to learn that this is not as easy as they imagined. This is a time when some parents in South Carolina might realize they have little in common.

Parents may grow apart over the years because their focus has mainly been on the children. This can also happen because they allow themselves to sweep aside issues they are having and put their energy into raising their children instead. Even if there are no specific problems, they may have withdrawn from one another. This is one of the signs of trouble in a marriage, and it happens when couples begin to pursue separate interests and lives.

One way to avoid this empty nest marriage crisis is to take an interest in each other’s hobbies and make an effort to do things together. Another is to talk about the future, starting while the children are still at home. This can be about both what parents hope to do when their children move out and what their plans for retirement might be.

Taking these steps will not be sufficient for all couples. Unfortunately, some unhappy couples may still find themselves facing divorce. If this happens, they may need to divide property. They probably will not have to deal with issues of child custody or support; although, if their children are still somewhat dependent on them for finances, they may want to work out a plan that continues this support. If one person has primarily stayed home to raise the children, they might receive spousal support until reentering the workforce. Dividing a retirement account may also be a concern for these parents, who may be close to retiring.