Consider alternatives to alternating weeks with shared custody

Divorcing parents in South Carolina often decide to split physical custody evenly. To best deal with their own challenges, they agree on an arrangement that seems easy by alternating weeks between the households. However, analysts are beginning to advise that this may not be what works best for the kids. That’s why some parents should consider something else.

The time between visits to each household can affect the children in several ways. First, the kids may develop separation anxiety when faced with the prospect of being apart from one parent for a significant amount of time. When a child is young, an entire week can be considered significant. The child may grow more distant from one or both parents when faced with a long absence from their lives.

Moreover, there may also be a logistical burden for a parent to overcome. They may need a flexible employer that will allow them to work around physical custody demands. This flexibility is not always forthcoming from a job. Alternating week schedules also often involve dinner visits and phone calls with the other parent. This could be impractical if the exes don’t have a relationship where they are on good speaking terms.

A better idea could be an arrangement where the parents still maintain 50/50 physical custody but rotate the children more often. This is a more intricate custody schedule, and the services of a family law attorney may be of assistance in suggesting and negotiating the schedule. Some parents may not be flexible enough in their thinking to embrace such a schedule, but it may be better for the children in both the short and long run.