Research show women file for divorce much more often than men

It might come as a surprise to couples in South Carolina that women file for divorce in rates much higher than men. In some studies, the rate of women filing for divorce is 80 percent while in others, it is slightly lower, at 69 percent. With the divorce rate at around 50%, it might be important to consider the different reasons why women might choose to file for divorce.

While there are clear reasons that often come up when a couple decides to end their marriage, such as escaping abuse, hurt over cheating or problems with substance and alcohol dependence, there are additional reasons that might lead to a wife filing for divorce. One of these reasons is the marriage not living up expectations. The reality of living together, dealing with the routine of work, home and kids, might lead to a woman feeling like the marriage has lost what made the relationship special. This is similar to another reason, which is the loss of romance once a couple marries. The little things that might be construed as romance, such as a man bringing flowers to his significant other are often lost after marriage as people settle into their new normal.

Another reason to consider is the perceived indifference of the husband towards his wife’s needs and desires. This can lead to the wife feeling unfulfilled, misunderstood or simply ignored long enough for her to decide to leave the marriage. Cheating by the husband is also another action that might lead a wife to file for divorce, as well as struggles over finances, particularly when there is a feeling of insecurity about the couple’s financial stability.

Whatever the reason a person decides to seek a divorce they might also consider seeking support from a family law lawyer who can guide them through the process. The lawyer may be able to explain divorce law and options and provide representation.