Handling a high-asset divorce

The divorce of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos was a headline-grabbing event throughout South Carolina and around the nation. There were a number of salacious details that made their way onto the news, which added to the intrigue surrounding this divorce. However, the primary reason why this divorce garnered so much attention is because of the unbelievable wealth of Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos.

At the time of his divorce, Jeff Bezos was the wealthiest man in the world. This means that he had a large estate that needed to be divided during the divorce. Both Bezos and his wife made a number of smart decisions that should be a reference point for other individuals in high-profile and high-asset divorces.

For starters, they created a joint narrative about their divorce. They controlled how the divorce was seen by others, including friends and family. Privately, they may not have gotten along. Publicly, they made it seem as if the divorce was amicable and that they were going to continue as friends.

In doing this, they got ahead of dirty rumors that might have spread about them. When there is public conflict between two individuals who are getting a divorce, the tendency can be for each party to dig in their heels as a way of saving face. Throughout this process, they could spend more and more on legal fees. At the end of the day, a process that could have taken a relatively short period of time takes a lot longer and ends up costing both parties a lot more money.

When a person is going through a high-asset divorce, they could benefit from legal representation. A family law attorney could explain the laws connected to property division and splitting joint debt. They could be a source of information and advice when it comes to various factors associated with the divorce. If the situation requires it, they could also represent the client in court.