About gray divorces

Married older adults in South Carolina may be interested in learning that while the overall divorce rate for the United States has fallen, the rate of divorce for people over 50, or gray divorce, has continuously risen. There are several reasons why older adults may decide to get a divorce later in life. The causes can be found in the analysis of the certain aspects of life that can impact long-term marriages.

The main issue behind a typical gray divorce is money. Situations in which one spouse has difficulty managing financials or couples are burdened with significant debt or frequently argue about their financial problems can result in divorce.

Financial issues can also arise when one person brings in all the income and is also in charge of making financial decisions. If someone tends to frequently overspend or mismanage funds, a divorce may be likely. According to research, a marriage will be stronger if the husband’s earnings increase. However, if the wife begins to earn more, the marriage is often in jeopardy.

Older married adults may also decide to get a divorce because they have grown apart over the years. They may realize that they no longer have any interest in being married to one another. Since the stigma related to divorce is nearly gone, getting a divorce may seem to be the best thing to do.

A family law attorney may inform older clients seeking a divorce about their legal options. Depending on the factors of a divorce, a lawyer may recommend the use of litigation to pursue favorable settlement terms regarding the division of financial assets such as retirement plans, pensions and other financial accounts. An attorney may also work to protect the rights of clients during disputes regarding spousal support.